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Harry Potter Challenges

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Harry Potter Graphictest
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Welcome to HarryPChallenge: a Harry Potter Graphictest Community, a place where graphic makers can compete for the best Harry Potter Graphics each week.

There will be weekly contests posted. Your fellow members will submit and vote on graphics. Through voting first, second, and third place will be chosen. There will also be Mod's Choice, which will be chosen by the moderators: amortentia_gal, xxstarryskies, or beauty_untold.

[1] You cannot enter a contest without being a member of the community.
[2] Do not down anyone's work. Keep any less-than-happy remarks to yourself.
[3] Do not steal any graphics posted here. You must have permission from the maker to use them.

[1] Submit your graphics as a comment to the challenge post. Comments will be screened.
[2] Do not post/use your graphic before voting is over. Graphics must remain anonymous.
[3] You must submit your entries in both IMG SRC amd URL forms.
[4] Images must be uploaded to a site that allows hotlinking, such as photobucket.
[5] You may post up to three icons per icon challenge unless otherwise stated.

[1] Do not vote for yourself. Also, do not log in under another screenname and vote for yourself. That is just pathetic.
[2] Do not persuade others to vote for you. Again, it's pathetic.
[3] Anonymous votes will not be counted.
[4] Vote fairly.

This is how our contests will run on typical weeks when we are able to get to a computer.

Saturday: new challenge started
Saturday - Saturday: post entries (deadline at 4:00 pm EST)
Saturday - Monday: voting (deadline at 12:00 am EST)
Monday: winners announced

amortentia_gal | xxstarryskies | beauty_untold

miss_kallahan | witch_fairy

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